A little about me. Im more of a picture person then a word person obviously, but first of all we are located in Edmond OK,  I have a full newborn studio in our home. I love that my clients can make there self comfortable and chill in our hang out room watch a TV and relax while I photograph the little nugget, I literally provide everything except a precious baby!!! That is your ONLY job! haha! 

I have a 16 year old daughter, Kensie who is quickly going to make my hair gray, and 2 wild boys Bradley(6) and Bennett(2) they love being outside and making massive messes... + they love sugar LOL I know its my fault!

hello. I'm Letyna.


My babies

real moments


gorgeous florals

Capturing your babies first photos are very very important and special, its like freezing time so you can look back on their tiny toes and baby rolls, remembering the softest finest baby hair that all fades so so quickly, I wish I could capture baby smell because it's literally the BEST thing ever.

I highly recommend and encourage a newborn session within the first 2 weeks after baby is born, if baby decides they need to stay in the hospital longer and this timeframe doesn't work I'm 100% comfortable at an older age.

I believe that newborn images are a must!

Moss Photography